Natura Network 2000 Xuvia - Castro




This zone was incorporated into the Nature Network 2000 in the year 2001. The main reason for its declaration as protected area was the good estate of preservation of the riverbank vegetation. The land belonging to the protected space has an area of 2000 hectares, being part of the bioclimatic Atlantic region.

The "Sierra do Forgoselo" extends though the councils of A Capela, San Sadurniño, As Pontes, and As Somozas. It is a great open space with vast expanses of land on which there is a great diversity of habitats and a large variety of landscapes in which we can find small forests, pastures, meadows, ...

Since Racamonde, the highest peak of this mountain range with 537 metres, you can enjoy an impressive sight. In a clear day you can see much of the mountains, the area of As Pontes, the sea towards the west, the estuaries Ferrol and Ares, and a large meadow devoted to breeding and fattening calves. Another point of interest is Penalty Three Feet, a curious rock whim of erosion.

Within the protected space, and in the surrounding area, can be made numerous hiking trails to enjoy these areas of the "Sierra del Forgoselo". Every year, at the beginning of July is celebrated the traditional "Rapa das Bestas", where the horses who live freely in the protected area and its environs are marked and their hair is cutted.

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