vista desde cabanas
View from Cabanas
Torreon de Andrade
Andrade Tower
desembocadura Eume
The Eume from the Tower
View of the "Feirón"
Convento San Agustin
S. Agustín Convent


Pontedeume and Andrade Tower




The historic downtown of Pontedeume is a good example of the medieval architecture with steep and narrow streets, flanked by useful arcades. This is a crowded area where we can find a big number of inns and restaurants to enjoy the local gastronomy. There are various quite well-conserved medieval buildings like the Pazo de Raxoi archbishop or San Agustín Convent.

Cátedra Building
Pazo de Raxoi

The former Pazo dos Condes, dated back to the XIV century, only conserves the Andrade Tower, with a singular square plant that is crowned by battlements. In the south wall base there is a crest with the 18 flags seized to the french enemy by Fernán Pérez de Andrade in Semínara in 1503, the six circles that represent Castro de Lemos family and the bar of Andrade family. An angel holds the inscription “Nolite Nocere”: do not damage. At present, the Tower lodges the Andrade´s Interpretation Centre and the Pontedeume Tourist Office. Next to the tower, in the Praza do Conde, takes place the FEIRÓN, a weekly market that every Saturday attracts a crowd of people.

escudo torreon
idade media
Shield in the Andrade Tower
Pontedeume in the Middle Ages

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