Monfero Monastery




Monfero Monastery is one of the best examples of monastic life in Galicia. It was founded by benedictine monks in  1135, and was later transferred to the Cistercian Order. The vast extension of territory under their control, from Ortigueira to Betanzos, shows their socioeconomic, political and cultural power.

One of the outstanding features of this architectonic complex is the barroque facade of the church. It was built between 1622 and 1656 and it is decorated as a  chessboard. Inside the church, besides the stone altarpiece, built in 1666,  stand out three sarcophagus of Andrade Family, dated back to XV century.

Monfero Monastery is also known as Virxe da Cela Convent. It gets this name, as it is reflected in the Tumbo of Monfero, because the Virgin performed the miracle of exorcizing a girl who had not found a remedy for her problem in any other sanctuary.


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