Caaveiro Monastery




This monastery is built in the middle of the solitary and impressive landscape of As Fragas do Eume and its origin dates back to previous period of 936. Caaveiro is not an usual monastery because it does not have centralize cloister of the monacal life.

Another excellent point is the surroundings in which it is inserted, very appropriate for retirements in solitude, due to its isolation in the middle of the leafy forest, over an enormous promontory that stands out from a deep valley of Eume river. Those who came there, from their origins to the present time saw a singular place in harmony with the landscape, a place in touch with nature.

“The legend tells that a rainy winter morning in Caaveiro, Saint Rosendo straightened up and left his cell and seeing the bad weather, he complained. In that moment he realised of his sin because the weather was only God´s will. He decided to throw to the Eume River his episcopal ring as a penance and he thought that when his sin had been pardoned  this ring it would be given back him. Seven years later, the Caaveiro´s cook was preparing the lunch for the rest of the monks, he opened a salmon, and to hsi surprise he saw within the fish guts the ring of Saint Rosendo. Quickly he ran towards the bishop, who was retired there, who thanking God realized his sin had been redeemed”.

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