De Tapas  Historic Center  Pontedeume







In the historic centre of the town of Pontedeume we can find the most famous route of wine and tapas in the region.


In this area there are numerous bars and classic taverns, and it has become the preferred tapas route both from the elder people, that found the best tapas in these bars, taverns and restaurants , as for the young audience, that during the weekends crowd the bars and pubs of the town.


The streets of Pontedeume, with its arched arcades, are home to bars, inns, wineries, bars and classic taverns. There you can find the traditional character and taste. They offer mussels, octopus, sardines and other delicacies such as pie crusts and, along with fresh wine country. Pontedeume is perfect to travel on streets on foot, by its small size and design steep lend themselves to ride calm, comfortable, without the need to move beyond five meters between one place and another, with a scale here and there to savor the best wines and more flavorful food.




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