Andrade Castle




From the tower of this castle, also known as Leboreiro or Andrade, we have the best view of the area. The scene covers Ares, Ferrol and Coruña stuaries.

The origins of the castle are related to Fernán Pérez de Andrade, who ordered its construction in 1369, despite the opposition of Santa María de Sobrado priory. The works were even stopped because of this confrontation and were not completed until 1377, with the condition of paying an annual tax of 10.000 maravedíes to the priory for renting.

The castle played an important role during the Revueltas Irmandiñas, being virtually demolished in 1467. In the first Revuelta Irmandiña it was attacked by troops of Alonso de Lanzós, who was finally defeated  by Nuno Freire de Andrade. Legend has it that, he was cut his right hand and, after beíng one hundred days confined in a dungeon, he was buried alive, standing up within a three meters wide wall.


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