Moeche Castle




The history of Moeche is focused around this castle, that was possibly built under the command of García Rodríguez de Valcárcel, thanks to the feudal favours he was given by King Enrique II of Castilla. In its walls can be observed fine coats of arms, belonging to families like Osorio, Enríquez and Castro de Lemos. Part of the permanent exhibition we can visit in the castle is focused on these families.

This castle is closely related to the riots of the Irmandiños (Revueltas Irmandiñas) of the XV century. The documentary references tell the destruction of the castle by the Irmandiños and the sentences that made them rebuild it after being defeated. The exhibition lodged in the castle includes a short film about those events. Each year, at the end of August, takes place the Irmandiño Festival in the nearness of the castle. In this festival it is recreated the capture of the castle by the Irmandiños.

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