Breamo in 1950
Breamo nowadays
Inscriptions in Breamo


San Miguel de Breamo




San Miguel de Breamo, was built with solid and austere style in the XII century. It is the only construction that is conserved from the monastery that disappear in the beginning of XVII century.

Leyends tell us that this chuch was built over an old celtic temple. It was built around 1187, but there are some theories that suggest that it was built before, during the X century, even when it was rebuilt in the midlle of XII century.

“Legend tell us that San Miguel de Breamo church rose window has eleven tips because eleven were the Templars that guarded it. In the Christmas Eve of 1224 there templars were watching their temple and suddenly the rose window changed to twelve tips, then the soldiers saw inside the church a boy sleeping, and there he was until the dawn. In that moment the boy disappeared at then rose window recovered its original form. From there on that happen every Christmas night and nobody knows why“

Voltar Pechar

These old photos of Breamo are property of Fusquenlla